Test Board Actions

The Nebraska Tractor Test Act (1919) established the Nebraska Tractor Test Board of Engineers. The Act further empowers the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska to adopt and promulgate rules and regulations setting forth codes for the official testing of tractors in accordance with test codes of the following national and international organizations:  SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers), ASABE (American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers) and OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operaton and Development). The Board of Regents has delegated to the Tractor Test Board, with the approval of the Vice Chancellor for Agriculture and Natural Resources, the authority to interpret the Tractor Test Law and to write University of Nebraska Test Board Actions to assist in carrying out the intent of the Law. The Board of Regents of the University is periodically provided with new versions of Board Actions that have changed, and new Board Actions that have been developed, for their adoption.

The following Board actions are decisions of the Nebraska Tractor Test Board with respect to the testing of tractors according to SAE, ASABE, and OECD Test Codes. Board actions are developed by the Nebraska Tractor Test Board of Engineers, with the input of tractor manufacturers and other interested parties, to provide clarification and procedures to be used when not fully specified in the aforementioned codes and standards, and when additional procedures are needed to support the requirements of the Nebraska Tractor Test Act.

Procedure 1-OECD provides clarifying rules to be used when issuing Nebraska Permits for tractors tested at OECD test stations other than the Nebraska Tractor Test Laboratory.


 Action Number                                     Title                                              Status 
 1 Fuel Specification and Temperatures

Superseded by Board Action 20

 2 Fuel Flow Rate Information Superseded by Board Action 20
 3 Sound Testing Superseded by Board Action 12
 4 Bias or Radial Ply Tires for Official Test  Rescinded
 5 Recommendations for Supplemental Permits  In force
 6 Maximum Drawbar Power Runs  In force
 7 Preparatory Runs  Rescinded
 8 Maximum Travel Speed for Drawbar Fuel Runs  In force
 9 Fully Equipped and Corresponding Tractor Models Superseded by Board Action 27
 10 The Basic Test and Fees for Additional Tests  Rescinded
 11 Environmental Conditions for Drawbar Testing  In force
 12 Sound Level Retest  In force
 13 Model Designation, Testing and Sales Permits for Tractors Available  with Front Wheel Drive Assist Superseded by Board Action 27
 14 Test scheduling and holding of tractors in secure area  Rescinded
 15 Two wheel drive tractors with front wheel drive attachment  Rescinded
 16 Supplementary Sales Permit Based upon a Tractor Test of Another Company  In force
 17 Withdrawal of a Tractor from a Nebraska Tractor Test  In force
 18 Meeting Advertised Claims  In force
 19 Performance within an Operating Speed Range  In force
 20 Fuel Flow Rate Specifications and Fuel Temperature  In force
 21 Stabilization and Adjustment Prior to Official Tests  Rescinded
 22 Certification of New Tire Tread Bar Height  In force
 23 Procedures when Tests are Rescheduled or Canceled  In force
 24 Minimum Power Requirements for an Agricultural Tractor  Rescinded
 25 In Cab Sound Tests  In force
 26 Retesting Current Tractor Models with Lower Emission  Engines  Rescinded
 27 Tractor Model  In force
 28 Tractors Requiring a Limited Test  In force
 29 Supplemental Sales Permits Linked to Board Action No. 27  In force
 30 Timing for Use of Data and Results from Tractor Tests  In force
 31 Required Tractor Power Specifications  In force
 32 Determination of Fuel Temperature Used During Testing  In force
 33 Advertising Changes Allowed After Tests  In force
 34 SCR and DPF Tests for Sales Permits  In force
 35 Required Three-point Lift Tests  In force


Physical Tractor Required for Tests

 In force


Power Claims in Non-SAE Horsepower Units

 In force