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Meet the Director of the Nebraska Tractor Test Lab.

Tractor Permit Information for Dealers

All permit information for tractors since 1999 is in Excel file: Sales Permits. Last updated June 9, 2020.

To obtain a copy of the permit or for any other permit questions, contact the Nebraska Department of Agriculture, which issues tractor permits at:
Contact them by phone:  402-471-3422

Tractors with OECD performance tests have completed some or all of the testing required by the Nebraska Tractor Test Law and permits can be obtained inexpensively.  Link to OECD. OECD reports power in kilowatts (KW). Horsepower may be found by multiplying KW by 1.341.

Contact the Tractor Test Lab by phone: 402-472-2442, or e-mail: tractortestlab@unl.edu  for more information about this process. If a tractor does not appear on either list, contact the Tractor Test Lab for more information. Sometimes tractors may be scheduled for an official OECD test or the test may be complete with results not yet published. In these cases, permits may still be obtained with reduced or no further testing.

The Iowa and Nebraska Dealer's Association (INEDA) may also be helpful in arranging for permits for tractors.