Test Reports

Tractor test reports from the following manufacturers from 1999 to current date are available in .pdf format. To order test reports for any other model that was tested at Nebraska Tractor Test Laboratory, or permitted for sale in Nebraska, and for years prior to 1999, please go to publications. Acrobat Reader 7.0 or higher, is required to view and print all on-line test reports, and the most current version of the Reader may be required for these reports. If you have trouble viewing a report, try switching search engines; in some cases, Firefox has proven the most successful in opening reports.

The Nebraska Tractor Test Laboratory, a component of the Biological Systems Engineering Department of the University of Nebraska, makes official tractor testing results available at little or no cost to all interested parties. The Nebraska Tractor Test Laboratory makes no endorsement of particular tractor models or tractor manufacturers. The Nebraska Tractor Test Laboratory recommends that users of Nebraska Tractor Test reports consider Nebraska Tractor Test reports in their entirety when comparing tractor performance between two or more models.

Reference to commercial products or trade names within information provided by the Nebraska Tractor Test Laboratory and the University of Nebraska does not constitute an endorsement by the these entities and does not imply discrimination against other similar products.